Your home office – 6 steps to a successful day

Homeworking in a dedicated office space definitely helps productivity. In a perfect world, this would be a whole room but if this isn’t possible, you can still create a dedicated working space.

Follow these 6 tips to create a productive home office layout that works for you.

1. Location

Replace the bed in your spare room with a sofa bed or section of an area of your bedroom or living room with a chest of drawers( or a bookcase. Other good locations include the landing or under the stairs. Wherever you choose, make sure it’s warm enough to work comfortably and away from the noise of family life. If they have power, light, and heating, a garage, garden shed, or summer house make ideal home offices. They provide a welcome sense of separation between work and domestic life.

2. The space you need

You need space in your office to work comfortably. Workstations should be at least 60″ (150cm) wide and 84″ (210cm) long. Then, factor in the space you need for storage. Piles of files and messy stationery impact on mental state and productivity, so work out the type of storage your job demands. A dresser or a bookcase can double up for office storage in a bedroom or living room.

3. The right desk and chair are key

Your desk and chair can be office-looking in their aesthetics or blend with your decor. Desks should be wide enough to take your computer while leaving room to write. It also needs to hold your phone, to-do trays, and a cup of coffee! A comfortable chair that supports your back is crucial.

4. Light up your day

Poor lighting impacts on productivity. Make use of natural light by positioning your desk near a window. Enhance this with floor or desk lights and full-spectrum daylight bulbs.

5. Tidy tech

Trailing wires are messy and a trip hazard. Locate your techie equipment near power outlets to avoid extension cables. Invest in wireless technology for printers, keyboards, and mice and use cord tamers to keep other wires in control.

6. Make it yours

Hang inspirational prints in your eye line, throw in bold splashes of color, or group ornaments on your chest of drawers. A pinboard is useful for lists, postcards, and motivational quotes. Finally, bring the outdoors in with a plant or two.

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